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  • Travel over 30min will be charged additional fee

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"The 360 Experience"


Introducing JBMS1 Photography LLC. - Your One-Stop Solution for Photography and Booth Experiences!

At JBMS1 Photography LLC., we specialize in capturing extraordinary moments and creating immersive booth experiences that elevate any event. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate function, birthday celebration, or any special occasion, we have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to make it unforgettable.

📸 Photography Services:
Our skilled photographers have a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling. We provide professional photography services that beautifully capture the essence of your event. From candid shots to posed portraits, we ensure that every precious moment is preserved in stunning imagery.

🌀 360 Video Booth:
Step into a world of immersive memories with our 360 Video Booth. Our cutting-edge technology captures every angle, allowing you to relive the excitement from every perspective. Whether it's a group photo or a solo performance, our booth creates captivating and interactive experiences that will leave your guests amazed.

📸 Selfie Booth:
Everyone loves capturing perfect selfies, and our Selfie Booth takes it to the next level. Equipped with high-quality cameras, customizable filters, and a wide range of props, our booth guarantees endless fun and stunning self-portraits. Share the joy and excitement of your event with friends and family instantly through social media integration.

💼 Corporate Events:
For corporate functions, we offer tailored photography services to capture your brand's essence and professionalism. From conferences to product launches, we ensure your corporate event is documented flawlessly, leaving a lasting impression on your clients and employees.

🎉 Special Occasions:
From birthdays to anniversaries, we celebrate life's milestones with you. Our team understands the importance of these special moments, and we go above and beyond to capture the emotions and create lasting memories that you'll cherish for years to come.

✨ Why Choose JBMS1 Photography LLC.?
- Exceptional quality: A skilled photographer and advanced booth technology guarantee top-notch results.
- Professionalism: We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide a seamless, stress-free experience.
- Versatility: Our services cater to various events and occasions, ensuring a tailored approach to your specific needs.
- Customization: Personalize your photography and booth experiences to match your event's theme and style.
- Reliability: With years of experience, we are committed to delivering exceptional services with a focus on professionalism and punctuality.

Contact JBMS1 Photography LLC. today to discuss your photography and booth experience needs. Let us help you capture the magic of your special moments and create unforgettable memories!

**Complete setup requires a 10x10 -10x20 space**

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  • 10x10 ENCLOSURE

  • Inflatable led wall


                                                      Elevate Your Event with Our Captivating Selfie Booth!

Searching for that perfect touch to make your upcoming event unforgettable? Look no further than our state-of-the-art selfie booth!

Experience the Fun: Our selfie booth adds an element of entertainment and excitement that will have your guests buzzing with joy. It's an interactive experience that brings out the laughter and captures candid moments like never before.

Picture-Perfect Memories: With high-quality prints and customizable backgrounds, our selfie booth ensures that each snapshot is a cherished memory to take home. Your guests can strike a pose, show off their creativity, and instantly immortalize the moment.

*Any Occasion, Any Theme: From weddings and birthdays to corporate galas and holiday parties, our selfie booth fits seamlessly into any event. Customize props and backdrops to match your theme, creating a cohesive and immersive experience.

*Instant Sharing: Your guests can instantly share their selfies on social media, spreading the excitement and promoting your event in real time. It's a fantastic way to create buzz and engage your attendees.

*Stress-Free Setup: Our team takes care of everything, from setup to ensuring your guests have a blast. You can relax and focus on enjoying your event while we handle the selfie magic.

Don't Miss Out: Book our selfie booth now and add an extra layer of fun and flair to your event. Create memories that will last a lifetime and give your guests an experience they'll rave about for years to come.

Contact us at or call (484) 489-0088 to secure your date and let the selfie fun begin!

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Your event deserves nothing less than the best. Let our selfie booth turn your gathering into an unforgettable celebration of joy and laughter. Don't wait – secure your spot today and let the selfie adventures commence!

Magic Mirror-selfie booth

Magic Mirror Selfie Booth

Magic Mirror Selfie Roamer (no prints)

Love Thy Selfie Booth

Please call to discuss branding options

Audio Guest Book (Retro phone)

Audio Guest Book Phone Setup.jpg

Capture Heartfelt Moments with Our Audio Guestbook Phone!

Introducing our Audio Guestbook Phone, a unique and personal way to preserve heartfelt messages from your loved ones at your special event. It's more than just a traditional guestbook - it allows your guests to leave personalized audio messages that truly capture the emotions of the occasion.

Our Audio Guestbook Phone offers:

1. Meaningful Connections: Say goodbye to traditional written messages. With the Audio Guestbook Phone, your guests can speak from the heart and express their well-wishes, memories, and congratulations in their own voices. This creates a deeper emotional connection and preserves the authenticity of their sentiments.

2. Easy to Use: Our Audio Guestbook Phone is designed with simplicity in mind. Your guests can easily pick up the phone, press record, and leave their message. No technical expertise is required, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

3. Versatile for Any Occasion: Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or corporate event, our Audio Guestbook Phone is perfect for capturing memories and messages at any occasion. It adds a personal touch and becomes a cherished keepsake for years to come.

4. Customizable and Personalized: We offer customization options to match your event's theme and style. Choose from a variety of phone styles and designs to create an experience that reflects your unique vision.

5. Lasting Memories: After the event, you will receive a digital collection of all the recorded audio messages. Relive those heartfelt moments whenever you want and share them with the guest of honor or loved ones who couldn't attend. It's a wonderful way to cherish and preserve the memories created on that special day.

Booking our Audio Guestbook Phone is a simple and meaningful way to capture the essence of your event and create lasting memories. To reserve the Audio Guestbook Phone for your upcoming occasion fill out the request form for a quote. We are excited to be a part of your celebration!

Oscars Step & Repeat

Step up and have your photo taken & printed 


  • Backdrop for your event w/carpet blk or red

  • Quality Prints (using event printers none ink jet printers)

  • Photo holder

  • Print sizes 4x6 or 8x10

  • Attendant 

  • Choice of prepay or let guest pay

  • Photo Gallery sent digitally

                      Setup fee : $200 

Travel over 30min will be charged additional fee

Traditional photo booth

Travel over 30min will charged a additional fee

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