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Headshot Session  

Expertly taken headshots help showcase your professionalism. They are essential for casting calls, professional networking platforms, business websites, marketing materials and much more. Professional headshots are an investment and you should protect it by hiring a photographer who has over 14 years of experience in the industry. JBMS1 Photography has worked with models from all over the East Coast. The unique style of photography has been beneficial in assisting many in the fashion industry navigate the demanding process. By using proven techniques in the photography industry, JBMS1 Photography has earned the respect of top talent agents and directors. Because of the meticulous attention to detail many models, using headshots from JBMS1 Photography, have excelled and been given opportunities to showcase their talents as they were able to present top-notch images.

The work of JBMS1 Photography has been seen by casting directors of America’s Next Top Model as well as showcased on billboards, magazines and commercials. As the Director of Media for Atlantic City Fashion Week, JBMS1 Photography’s work has been enjoyed by top designers and models from all around the world. A professional headshot is also a necessity for those looking to excel in their career. A well taken image communicates you are serious about your occupation. It can help you make that lasting and unforgettable first impression and get called for the interview. Excellence and professionalism are two of the top reasons booking JBMS1 Photography for your next headshot is recommended. This will help you stand out at your next casting call or get booked for your next interview. You can schedule JBMS1 Photography to provide professional headshot services for your organization. Contact our office for package prices.


​Senior portraits are a commemoration of your hard work over the last few years. We provide photography service to High School and College Seniors to recognize your accomplishments.

These should not only be celebrated but captured by one of the best photographers in the area.

Entrust JBMS1 Photography with the honor of helping you celebrate your achievements.

Cap and Gown portraits as well as specializes photo shoots can be booked with JBMS1 Photography.
JBMS1 Photography can also be booked for on location cap and gown portraits.
Contact our office for package prices.


Portrait sessions are done on location (additional fee) or in studio, rather its just you and the children or your entire family JBMS1 Photography LLC. will capture that moment and give you a image that you will cherish for years to come and please ask about signing up for updates and every 6 months you will get a notification that says "Hey its time to update that portrait" . 

Photo Shoot Session

A session is up to 1hr with (2) outfit changes & it includes 5 digital edits of your choice. (contact for pricing)  Each session is artistic, expressive and tailored to each client. JBMS1 Photography LLC. loves to create a relaxing & comfortable environment so my client can reveal his/her true personality. 

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