Atlantic City Fashion Week Season 16

As another season has wrapped up and with so much press coverage ACFW was a HIT!!! Season 16 went out with a bang with articles from Sofia Davis (Fashion Ave News out of NYC) the Press of Atlantic City, 6 ABC News and all the photographers in my media pit (I'am the Media Director) the fashion that hit the runway, the kids ...the puppies OMG!!! what a weekend of no sleep (who does that) lol from Thurs Feb 6, 2020 Student Showcase (teens from different schools fashion & Design Dept) Friday Feb 7, 2020 Was Ready to Wear and Saturday Feb 8,2020 Couture..... As you can see from these photos it was a colorful and elegant night . thanks Sofia Davis for the write up and Don Pittman for the photos.

This year 2020 we opened the floor for the serious fashion bloggers and journalist and the articles keep coming and being shared via facebook ect... the energy in the venue was high as no one knew what to expect to hit the runway and when the models ere cued all you heard was the WOW'S and AHHH through out the venue ....

For all those that have never experienced ACFW I think you should check out the next show in Sept 2020 you will not be disappointed and its right in your backyard at the Showboat Hotel .... SEE YA IN SEPT!!!

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