Updated: Nov 15, 2020

As we deal with this on going process that has plagued the USA, I want everyone to stay safe and please follow the guidelines so we can stop the spread of this deadly virus . It has shut down all of our businesses and hurt us economically to the point that when it does turn around its going to take us a long time to get back where we need to be ...

JBMS1 Photography LLC. has taken all precautions to insure your safety by cleaning my studio with bleach and placing antibacterial wash and hand sanitizer at various locations , I care about your health just as I care about mine.

I ask that everyone do as asked its not about living in fear its about loving your life and not being selfish to jeopardize your loved ones our others around you, I have seen videos of bodies being loaded into trailers and refrigerated trailers sitting on hospital parking lots to act as morgues THIS IS REAL!!! When your loved one is quarantined they are alone , you can not visit them , you can not talk to them, all the see is the people around them that are strangers and GOD forbid that person dies from this virus there is no funeral that you can hold for them.

We as people have to come together as a race to stop the spread of this virus talk to your people and have them stay in if they are not essential workers, have family time, play games together with all this talk on social media it is over whelming and it can be a bit depressing , so take a break from it to keep your mental sanity . This will not become our normal if we work together ......

Thank you John B. Staples (JBMS1 Photography LLC.)

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