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Your wedding is a day that will hold many memories and tell a story. This day doesn’t tell just any story, it tells your story. You want a photographer to capture your story in such a way, when you look back on your pictures, it immediately brings you back to that moment in time. Those moments filled with laughter, tears and the sheer excitement of your Special Day.
JBMS1 Photography is a premier wedding photographer which takes pride in offering full -service photography packages to capture your SPECIAL DAY. As a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) since 2015 JBMS1 Photography has emerged as a frequently sought-after photographer for exclusive weddings and engagements.

Contact us now to secure your special day. JBMS1 Photography also provides engagement photo sessions in studio or on location.
To find out if your Special Day is available and set up a phone consultation, email;

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