Your wedding is a day that will hold many memories and tell a story. This day doesn’t tell just any story, it tells your story. You want a photographer to capture your story in such a way, when you look back on your pictures, it immediately brings you back to that moment in time. Those moments filled with laughter, tears and the sheer excitement of your Special Day.
JBMS1 Photography is a premier wedding photographer which takes pride in offering full -service photography packages to capture your SPECIAL DAY. As a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) since 2015 JBMS1 Photography has emerged as a frequently sought-after photographer for exclusive weddings and engagements.

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Frequently asked questions

Wedding Photography

Does the photographer have a gallery of wedding images you can review?

Reviewing sample work allows you to see the photographer’s strengths and weaknesses – don’t fool yourself, every photographer has them. You’ll also be able to get an idea of their style. Are they formal with an eye for the perfect picture or do they love to capture the hidden moments when no one is looking? Look for images that you can see yourself in. Think of three words that describe you and share those with your photographer. Every photographer has a style and reviewing their gallery can help you determine if theirs is right for you.

What is the photographer's working style?

Some photographers are orderly and operate like wedding planners. Others prefer to sit back and let the events of the wedding unfold. It’s important that you find someone who can understand and meet your expectations. Discuss this ahead of time and ask away, so that you understand how well the photographer’s working style matches your own.

Is the photographer available for an engagement session?

An engagement session does more than provide you with priceless images together before you get married. It’s also your first opportunity to work with your photographer and develop a relationship that will allow you to be completely at ease on your big day. Use this session to confirm if the photographer is indeed the right person to capture your wedding.

Will the photographer create a detailed shot list?

This list will ensure no important photo is missed during the commotion and excitement of the big day. You should be able to create that list together, add to the list leading up to the day and have a copy of that list the day of. Take an honest look at what images really matter and fill your photographer in on situations he or she might need to be aware of in order to prevent awkward moments, and to ensure that he or she can get the shots that matter most.

What kind of lighting will be used?

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding, you’ll want to make sure your photographer has professional grade lighting equipment to deliver the images your wedding deserves.

Does the photographer have backup equipment?

You’ve prepared contingency plans for every other aspect of your wedding; your photographer should as well. A true professional photographer won’t miss your perfect shot because of a technology issue. He or she will always bring one or two backup cameras, lenses, flashes, additional lighting equipment, extra memory cards, and batteries.

Does the photographer have liability insurance?

Accidents happen at weddings and if one of your guests trips over your photographer’s light stand, it’s good to know you both are protected. Your reception venue may even ask the photographer to submit a certificate of liability ahead of time.

Will there be one photographer or two?

A second shooter increases the probability that no shot will be missed, especially if you are having a large wedding. If there will be two photographers, ask to meet them both to get a feel for their personalities and how well they might blend in on your big day.

What will happen to the images after your wedding?

Will your images be backed up to a hard drive or the cloud once processed? How long will your photographer keep the images afterward? Will they be kept for a couple of years or dumped immediately? If you have any concerns about losing your photos, knowing what the photographer plans to do with your images after your wedding is important.

When will you get your photos?

No, you won’t get your pictures the day after; no photographer can deliver that quickly. It’s a good idea, though, to get a general idea of the timeline ahead of time. You might even be able to agree on getting a couple of images ready for social media use very quickly. But obtaining your photos will likely take several weeks. To help with the wait, some photographers will send you a sneak peak with a few images. Just ask ahead of time!


How did these limiting beliefs get in my subconscious mind?

Most of these limiting beliefs got into your subconscious mind through emotionally challenging experiences you had when growing up. If you did not get enough of:

  • The Loving patient attention you needed
  • Acceptance for who you were, rather than your parents expecting you to be their way
  • Acknowledged with appreciation, rather than feeling you were a burden
  • Positive support in learning new things, rather than being judged or belittled
  • Encouraged to follow your inner compass, rather than pushed towards others unrealistic expectations
  • Appropriate loving affection and touch, rather than abusive or no touch at all.
  • Supported through your emotions when you felt sad or scared, rather than told how you should feel, or put down for expressing them
  • Supported when you were excited, rather than suppressed down because the noises of being a kid bothered others
Then chances are you learned from a very young age that being who you are was NOT SAFE and took on the belief that you were either:
  • Not good enough
  • Not worthy
  • A bad person
  • Everything is your fault
... and you learned to abandon your own feelings and true self to try to:
  • Be loved and accepted
  • Be perfect to not get into trouble
  • Avoid unwanted attention by keeping quiet and small
  • Rebelled and made noise because bad attention was better than none
When TOO MUCH happens to us than we are able to manage (particularly when its from the people who are supposed to support us through our emotional challenges, like our parents) then our subconscious survival systems kick in and disconnect us from our body into coping behaviours because its just too much to process. This is how we survived through the difficulties, but when the survival systems were prolonged over time, negative byproducts began to result.
  • We learned to disconnect from body feelings, needs and intuition
  • We learned to disconnect from our real self in favour of the false survival identity
  • We got stuck living life in fearful thoughts rather than from our body/hearts guidance
  • We got into the habit of masking who we really are and what we really feel
  • Stress became a normal every day thing because Fight or Flight got stuck in the ON position
No wonder we have stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, lack of confidence, don't feel good enough or afraid to put ourselves out there.... because from the way we were treated, we of course took on the belief that we are not good enough and don't matter.... what else could we have concluded from that! The truth is that our suffering is caused by all the years of trying to be something or someone that we are not. Through being pushed to meet unrealistic expectations we learned to abandon who we really are and took on the false belief that we are not good enough. This takes a lot of energy and effort to continuously maintain the dissconnection from our body feelings and real self! Subconscious Programs and Survival Systems These subconscious programs are not bad, in fact they are good, because they did a good job at helping you survive challenging times, but they just do not know that their job was completed long ago... and that they can help us now by putting all that energy into your current goals and life circumstances. It is like a big company that used to make a popular product that became absolute, so the company started making a new product that was more appropriate to the current times. A memo was sent to all the departments to make the appropriate changes. Unfortunately one department did not get this memo, so for years it just kept doing the same job it has always done, thinking they were doing really great! One day the CEO was trying to assess why productivity was always feeling limited no matter how hard they worked, and he discovered that one department was always holding them back. Once this department was told "Thank you for doing such a good job with that old product, but now we would like to show you our new product and business goals", and then supported to let go of the old product procedures and shown the new processes, they caught on and the business quickly became a big success!

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